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The Their presence and abundance vary widely tetrazolium test TZ test is a standardized among regions and stands, and the specific To provide comprehensive coverage procedure for evaluating seed viability for a environmental or biological cue to promote across the region, we requested that cowide range of plant types, including grasses. The plume to early February, from 31 collection sites with embryo respiration Garay

The Their presence and abundance vary widely tetrazolium test TZ test is a standardized among regions and stands, and the specific To provide comprehensive coverage procedure for evaluating seed viability for a environmental or biological cue to promote across the region, we requested that cowide range of plant types, wex grasses.

The plume to early February, from 31 caliofrnia sites with embryo respiration Garay Plumes contain many hundreds MexicoGeorgia and Washington D. In each floret and enclosed within southern California.

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At some sites plumes the lemma and palea we observed all the were collected periodically throughout the Five ovules displayed distinctive essential reproductive structures: one ovule, flowering season to increase the chance staining patterns suggesting the presence two stigmata and three anthers, all distinct of finding seed in a mature state, while of dehydrogenase activity.

These may have characteristics of the Poaceae family. Generally, the TZ test is used on mature seeds to determine percent viability of the samples, but given the extremely limited ovule sample size we only report absolute s. If the TZ staining correctly indicated developing tissue, a total of five developing ovules were derived from a single general location.

In the year there was suggestion of possible seed production from a single location in Ventura County D. Kanthack and D. Dyer, pers. This may indicate that the environmental conditions necessary to stimulate reproduction, if reproduction is occurring at all, may be highly specific and not frequently encountered. The season was unusually wet in California, which may have arb the tendency to produce flowering structures by arundo because there is anecdotal evidence that low soil moisture plays a role in stimulating flower production.

This study indicates that arundo may be capable of producing seed, albeit in very low s and the cannot be considered definitive. Therefore, targeted studies will continue in to better establish crossdresser escort fremantle fertilization and seed development are possible. Of equal interest will be to identify the physiological mechanisms that cause plants to be sterile in most, if not ,ompoc, cases we did not have sufficient material to evaluate whether cailfornia preceded ovule production.

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Pollen production appeared califodnia be low, so free chat bazar is possible that male sterility is a factor limiting fertilization. The extreme rarity of ovule development in Arundo donax can be interpreted to mean it is unlikely to be of ecological ificance. Other invasive plants are known to maintain and expand populations based largely on asexual reproductive tactics, aeab as water hyacinth and other aquatic species which form daughter plants that disperse and form large masses, but these generally produce seed as well.

The capacity for multiple reproductive tactics is a common trait for successful invaders Reichard and Hamiltonxalifornia it is unusual for a weed as successful as arundo to effectively have no sexual reproduction. The essential lack of sexual reproduction also means that genetic diversity, or variation available for natural selection of invasive traits, should be low, as Khudamrongsawa et al.

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Apomixis diploid seed produced without fertilization is a means of asexual reproduction that allows rapid production of propagules by some invasive plants e. Thus, arundo remains one of the few cases in which a serious invader may not depend on sexual reproduction nor aab production at all. Its continuing invasion relies on exceptionally robust text for sex for population re-distribution and expansion.

Despite the fact that no seedlings have yet been found in the field, there is now a slight suggestion that new populations could be established from seed dispersal.

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The case for seed production may not be fully closed, but the remarkable success of this plant certainly depends on other factors e. Dennis Kanthack Ventura Co. Watershed Protection District was instrumental in initiating this study.

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We especially thank Rebecca Harris for her time at the scope, and Adam Lambert provided stimulating input on invasive grass biology. Extension for providing the sole evidence that arundo sex may be possible. Bell, G. Ecology and management of Arundo donax, and approaches to the riparian habitat restoration in southern Calif.

Plant invasions: Studies from No. America and Europe. Boose, A. Environmental effects of on panama babes reproduction in Arundo sfx. Weed Research Decruyenaere, J. Ramet demography of a clonal invader, Arundo donax Poaceaein So. Plant Soil — Dudley, T. Arundo donax L. Bossard, Dalifornia.

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Randall, and M. Ekstam, B. Germination response of Phragmites autralis and Typha latifolia to diurnal fluctuations in temperature. Seed Science Research. Else, J. Post-flood establishment of native woody species and an exotic, Arundo Donax, in a southern California riparian system. MS thesis.

San Diego St. Garay, A.

The value of the tetrazolium TZ test. Cqlifornia St. Tayyar and J. Weed Science Lambrinos, J. The expansion history of a sexual and asexual louisiana chat rooms of Cortaderia in California. Ecology Peters, J. Tetrazolium testing handbook.

Official Seed Analysts, Contrib. New Mexico. Reichard S. Predicting invasions of woody plants introduced into North America. Spencer, D. Ksander, and L.

Spatial and temporal variation in RGR and leaf quality of a clonal riparian plant: Arundo donax. Contact Tom Dudley at tdudley msi.

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